Introduction to Furbabies 101:Focus on Safety

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

This being the first official post for Furbabies101, I thought I would start by introducing someone very important. He was an integral part of how and why I decided to create and also he's incredibly smart, photogenic, lovable and totally entertaining. Mr. Bojangles is about to be 10 years of age but spry as a 2 year old kitten. He is a beautiful blue burmese and today he will be one of the features of this post.

Todays post is going to be about safety. This is Mr. Bojangles but we more often than not refer to him as Bobo. He's beautiful right? Totally photogenic? What you may not realize is that every one of these pictures inspired me to have to rethink our household in some way to make sure that my little fur ball would be safe. The picture on the ironing board, well let's just say I learned something during this photo session. Bobo is obsessed with the ironing board. He thinks its for him. Like I am bringing out an extra toy but most times, I am ironing something which means that a hot iron is often times soon to follow. Hot irons burn kitties so when you are ironing, until that hot iron cools down, either put it in a place where your pets can't get to it or make sure you supervise the ironing board play session. Bobo doesn't seem to realize the iron can hurt him so I always have to put it away so he can't reach. As for the ironing board, I have come to realize how easy they are to tip over so if you have a pet that likes to jump on it, make sure you supervise the jumping or get a very sturdy ironing board.

The picture below I believe is self explanatory but just in case, I will detail this. Bobo loves heat. Anything that gives off warmth he is naturally drawn to. Radiators, ovens, dryers, fireplaces...the works. While this is very adorable, and yes his little face all nestled into the dryer like it was a bed for him was undeniably adorable, it was also undeniably dangerous. I allowed him to stay like this for a total of fifteen minutes while I was there to supervise and then had to remove him because it would be a very different article if he had gotten trapped in there. So let this be a warning, Cat owners, you may want to check your dryers before you start a load:)

Now while I agree, this is hilarious that this is bobo's idea of exercise, it would not be hilarious if this were to start with him on it. It could end up seriously hurting him so while this photo was taken I made sure that it was unplugged. I also made sure it was locked in place because it is a fold up treadmill. Check all exercise equipment if you have an in home gym to make sure your little guys aren't hiding under there. It could save everyone a lot of heartache and trips to the vet.

This is unfortunately another great shot of my guy being adorable but risky. Two seconds after this shot I realized how dangerous it is if he is laying by the wheel of a chair and put something around them to keep him away. Your pets may want to be with you while you work, clean, exercise, etc...just make sure its safe for them to do so. Remember, this is info, not judgement and thank you for stopping by. Leave in the comments section some other topics you want to see discussed. I will be posting again on Wednesday.

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